We’re talking food.

I’m a professional eater that made a website because I was tired of sifting through the internet to see what I should spend my time eating. Don’t waste your time, follow me.


Let’s count down to the best cocktails of all time. The greatest pizza toppings. The best everything, here.


Where are you going? Montreal? Boston? NYC? You’re covered with my favorite places to grab a bite.


We cover all sorts of topics related to food here at Chowtrip. Dive in and learn something new.

Food Ratings

Is that popular place even good? We’re going to use our palate to tell the truth for you.

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The Chowtrip Oath

Life is too short to eat mediocre food.

Experiment everyday.

Travel food-consciously.

Say hello to your fellow Chowtripper.

You like everything until proven otherwise.

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What I’m working on:

The Chowtrip Guide to New Haven

Recently, Chowtrip spent time in New Haven, Connecticut to eat through the City’s best eats and take in the history of this Nutmeg State cultural epicenter.

From apizza to the ethnic establishments that make up this culinary bastion of New England, dive into what makes The Elm City one of my favorite places to eat through.

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Dear Foodie, You’re Home.

And you are going to learn a lot. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on the best pizza toppings, a countdown of the best hot sauces on the market, or you are doing Dry January and want to know which nonalcoholic beers are worth trying – I’ve got you covered.

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